<How to get to waitingroom!>

@EBISU Station
Exit from the West Exit and make left to the same direction of Hibiya Line transfer.
Please follow the arrow to Hibiya Line.
Please do not enter the Hibiya Line entrance and go straight to the crossing.
(on the right side, you see Ebisu-Zou, a figure.)
Please go straight on the crossing to get to the other side of the street.
Enter the shop street where there are lots of restaurant. There is a convenience store, Family Mart, on the left side around the entrance area.
Please go straight the same street. on the left side, you see a big supermarket, Peacock.
When you get to a big open area, you see 5 roads joint together.
Please cross the crossing on the left side. You see a big building called "Ace Building" in front of you.
After the first crossing, turn into right and cross the second crossing. And then make left after you crossed the second crossing. On the right side, there is a wine bar called "APERITIVO".
After you made left after the second crossing, go straight and make right on the first small street. There is a Chinese restaurant called "Kagerou" on the corner.

You see an old building with the green awning right away. It is next to the building with the blue stairs. It is the entrance to the waitingroom! Please open the door on the left side and go to the third floor.

If you are lost somewhere,
please call us at 03-3476-1010