Cinders Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) Group Exhibition
Spirit Assembly

11/7 (Sat.), 2009 - 1/16 (Sat.), 2010
Opening Salon: 11/7 Sat. 6pm-9pm
Winter Vacation: 12/25/2009-1/7/2010

*Open on Fridays and Saturdays Only.

*One of the owners of Cinders Gallery and artist, STO, will come for the opening salon on Saturday, 11/7, from New York. Please come join us!

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Pictures from the Opening Salon!

Participating Artists:
Blok, Diane Barcelowsky, Alex Barry, Kelie Bowman, Molly Colleen O'Connell, Kiersten Essenpreis, Maya Hayuk, Kevin Hooyman, Jungil Hong, Julien Langendorff, Allyson Mellberg, Kyle Ranson, Tod Seelie, Erika Somogyi, Sto, Jeremy Taylor, Jessie Rose Vala

"Solar Disturbance 1" by Jukien Langendorff


Tokyo, Japan – waitingroom is pleased to announce the gallery's fifth exhibition, Spirit Assembly, a group exhibition by the artists from Cinders Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) through November 7th to January 16th. It is the first time that Cinders Gallery's exhibition is presented in Japan.
November marks the beginning of winter and traditionally the final harvest before we settle down inside for hibernation as darkness takes over. It is also a time where many cultures celebrate the dead- specifically Day of the Dead in Mexico, in Celtic folklore Samhain, which is said to have influenced Halloween, and in Catholicism, All Souls Day.

In this group show curated by Cinders Gallery, the idea of the spirit is interpreted in many different ways with drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. As supernatural beings trapped between the living and the dead worlds, as the essence of a person or as memories of the past that continue to linger with you long after those moments are gone. The spirit is also represented as energy gained from friends, community, nature, and the sun. The mysteriousness of the dead and our relationship to death is explored with imagery of death masks, nightmarish scenes, monsters and dreamlike states of uncertainty.

This show is equal parts dark and light, a balance of different visions from kindred spirits assembled together by Cinders to
represent a current crop of underground artists bubbling up to the surface.

About Cinders Gallery
Cinders Gallery is an artist space founded in June 2004. They have a gallery that is host to monthly art shows as well as other events that have included live music, readings, slide shows, and performance. There is also a store section that features drawings, paintings, prints, t-shirts, artist books, zines, and other handmade goodies. In addition to their own exhibition programming, they have been showing at Lump Gallery (North Carolina), Space 1026 (Philadelphia), and Third Drawer Down Gallery(Australia).

Cinders Gallery
103 Havemeyer St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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