Yutaka Kato Solo Exhibition

Opening Salon: 2/21 Sat. 5pm-10pm

*We are open on Fridays and Saturdays 1-7pm only and take appointments for other days.

Shinjuku, 2008, watercolor on paper, 125 x 125mm

Waitingroom is pleased to announce an inaugural exhibition, NIGHT SHIFT - Yutaka Kato Solo Exhibition, through February 21st to April 4th, 2009. It is located in a small corner space of an apartment in Sangenjaya, Tokyo.

In addition to Kato’s Exhibition, there is a collection show named “WR collection Vol.1” and it presents a portion of collected pieces by the directors of waitingroom.

*there will be an opening salon at 5-10pm on Saturday, February 21st, 2009. Please come cerebrate the grand opening of our new gallery with us.

Born in Toronto (Canada) in 1974, Yutaka Kato lives and works in Tokyo. His drawings and paintings capture “Universal Urban Landscape” where there are ordinary street views with buildings, convenience stores, and those kinds of object in everyday life.

"One of my objectives to paint is to 'record the moment'. I would like to paint the current times, neither 10 years ago nor 10 years later. I think about the end of these landscapes around me, walking around the city and riding my bike. I didn’t get the answer but I just kept painting the lights in the city. It is an exhibition about my record of wandering around the city.” by Yutaka Kato

Like Kato describes as “record of wandering”, each painting is depicted from the floating perspectives. It is not about going to the destination but about drifting around the city and recording the landscape in front of the artist. There is no strong pretension or meaning. However, these floating city landscapes would call the audiences’imaginations so that they could see each landscape as its own memory and experience.
Please enjoy Kato’s record of his “Night Shift” and landscape of his floating memory.

< Biography>
Yutaka Kato was born in Tronto (Canada) in 1974. After graduating from Nihon University majoring in Visual Communication, he started showing his work in magazines and books as an illustrator. He also has showed his work at the exhibitions in Japan and abroad, representing his most popular drawing series that he has been creating at the Macdonald’s for many years. Most recent exhibitions are “Draw” at NO.12 Gallery (Tokyo) in 2006, “MICROPOP” at Gallery AAA (Paris) in 2007, and “Fusion” with Kenichiro Mizuno at Gallery Ru Nalf (Tokyo) in 2008.


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