Hiroshi Yoshida Solo Exhibition

4/18(Sat.) - 5/30(Sat.), 2009
Opening Salon: 4/18 Sat. 6pm-9pm

Setsugen (Snow Field), 2009, Acrylic on MDF board, 56x40cm

Tokyo, Japan – waitingroom is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of an artist, Hiroshi Yoshida, through April 18th to May 30th. Yoshida is currently attending and majoring in painting at the Kanazawa Collage of Art. The first solo exhibition of the artist, WORLDS, will be comprised of the artist’s brand new paintings.

Born in Kyoto in 1988, Yoshida is currently majoring in painting at Kanazawa Collage of Art and showing in Kanazawa and Tokyo. Most recently, he showed his piece “Seashore” as a part the 4th Competition Exhibition of Shinjuku Art Infinity organized by Shinjuku, OIOI, and Tokyo Wonder Site, through November 2008 to March 2009. His painting can be described as a floating moment between reality and dream.

“I think it could be easy to cross between reality and imagination and mix them up because imagination is compounded with the memory inside of human being. To remake the memory depending on the reality and to remake the reality depending the memory is almost the same thing. Human being interprets the reality of the moment by using the imagination that could be highly subjective. I would like to paint the possibility of the reality not the imaginary world.” By Hiroshi Yoshida

The painting, “Snowfield”, in the exhibition is depicting strange shaped woods and a small person walking in the middle of the scene to somewhere. It is showing an ordinary and unordinary landscape that could and couldn’t happen in our everyday life. It is the world between imagination and reality and could be “one of a possibility of the reality” that the artist depicts by using his memory and fantasy.

This exhibition, WORLD, that is constructed by 20-year old artist, Hiroshi Yoshida, who is living in the next generation is offering the moment between reality and unreality, memory and imagination. It is calling a possibility of our own story that everyone has inside of ourselves. His painting is asking us to remember the importance to IMAGINE because we could easily forget how important it is in the chaotic contemporary society.

Born in Kyoto in 1988. Currently in Junior year at the Kanazawa Collage of Art, majoring in painting. He started his exhibition careers in 2008, showing at GEISAI #11 and #12, Shinjuku Art Infinity, and many others. This exhibition, WORLD, is his first solo exhibition. Currently living and working in Kanazawa in Ishikawa.


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