IMA Project Result Exhibition
Mejunje : Ola - Living Scenery seen through Senses

5/22 (Sat.) - 7/24 (Sat.)/2010 (Extended!)
Opening Salon : 5/22 (Sat.) 3pm-7pm

*Open on Fridays and Saturdays Only.
*Julian Gatt and Mercedes Villalba of Mejunje will be attending the opening salon on Saturday, 5/22. Please come join us!

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Tokyo, Japan – waitingroom is pleased to announce a result exhibition of the IMA Project “Ola – Living Scenery seen through Senses” through May 22nd to July 17th. The project happened at another house space, habitable, in Hayama and it participated in the Hayama Art and Music Festival through April 24th to May 16th, 2010.

Mejunje who often creates installation work with materials found locally, came to Hayama from Argentina and stayed with the family from habitable for a month. During their stay in Hayama, they spent time with the family and neighbors, created their ongoing installation work, did some workshops and open house events in the framework of the Hayama Art and Music Festival.

The IMA Project is produced as more personal approach for Artists In Residence Program, sharing the life and art-making between artists and family. Spending everyday life with the family and neighbors together, Mejunje have seen and experienced many kinds of things and reflected their experiences in the installation work which kept continually changing.

The installation work constructed in Hayama will come to waitingroom in Tokyo and will be reconstructed as the final piece for their whole experience in Hayama. The documentation of their workshops and their everyday life in Hayama will also be exhibited along with the drawings, prints and installation.

Please come see Mejunje's work and the results of the IMA Project in Hayama.

installation @habitable (Hayama), 2010
(Image: habitable)


About Mejunje

Mejunje is the collaborative research project of Argentine artists Mercedes Villalba (born in 1983) and Julian Gatto (born in 1979). Since they have many common interests and activities — namely drawing, gardening, carpentry, writing poetry, taking walks, peeping into other people’s gardens to see how they tend them, etc — Mejunje instantly became a multidisciplinary project of ‘knowledge-gathering’. In these times were the emphasis of ‘valuable’ knowledge is all about specificity and compartmentation, they feel that perhaps it is necessary to go back to knowing ‘a little bit of everything’— this might be the key to more sustainable, independent and responsible processes for art making and living in general. This is why the output of their work can take many shapes: workshops, installations, publications, drawings, poems, video, etc.

Gatto was graduated from Cooper Union (NY) and have been showing in Europe, US and Japan. Villalba is presently coursing studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology and have been part of different collaborative projects. They were both part of the Research Residence Program at the Tokyo Wonder Site, Creator-in-Residence, Tokyo, Japan, in 2009.

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