3/20 (Sat.) - 5/1 (Sat.), 2010

*Open on Fridays and Saturdays Only.

The edge of BLUE #2, 2010
oil on canvas and panel, 849 x 593mm

Tokyo, Japan - waitingroom is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Shoko Morita, Wearing a Misty Night, through March 20th to May 1st.

This will be Morita's first solo exhibition in two years that will be comprised of new drawings and paintings as well as her first zine produced in conjunction to the exhibition.

Morita was born in Toyama Prefecture in 1977 and currently lives and works in Tokyo. She has mainly been focusing on drawings that are like scenes from a daydream but recently started working more on paintings energetically in which the illusionary and dreamy atmosphere is even more pronounced.

"Fantasy and narratives are important elements for my work, however, I don't think I'm attempting to depict only the world of fantasia. I feel that there is no hope in the world separated from our everyday life. Reality and dream is always connected and either of them can't be existed without one another. I like things created from the mixture of both worlds and would also like to be in both of them." - Shoko Morita

Her work looks like it is created from dream and fantasy at the first glance, however, it is depicted from the edge of everyday life as well. It is a preface of her creation that she goes back and forth between dream and reality so that there is nostalgia in fantasia and braveness existed in her work.


1977 Born in Toyama Prefecture
1996 Musashino Art University, Visual Communication Design
2005 Setsu Mode Seminar


2010 Wearing a Misty Night, waitingroom, Tokyo
2008 spoonful, Ginza Gallery Forrest, Tokyo
2002 The 7th P Group Show, Noritake Gallery, Aichi
2002 Group Exhibition, Gallery MADO, Tokyo
2000 Two Person Show Hiroko Kobayashi & Shoko Morita, Gallery Hana Usagi, Gifu

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