Group Exhibition, Night Songs
5/12 (Sat.) - 6/17 (Sun.), 2012
Opening Salon : 5/12 (Sat.) 6-9pm

*Open on Friday through Sunday 1-7pm and Monday 5-11pm
*The exhibition will open at 1pm before the opening salon on Saturday, 5/12. The artists will attend the opening at 6-9pm.

installation views

Tokyo, Japan - waitingroom is pleased to announce a group exhibition “Night Songs”, through May 12th to June 17th, 2012. This exhibition features drawing works by 5 artists; Hiromi Iuchi, Yutaka Kato, Shoko Morita, Kaai Tsuji and Ivette Zighelboim, showing them in an intimate installation.

Hiromi IUCHI



Yutaka KATO



Artist Biography

Hiromi Iuchi
Born in Kagawa. She went to London for the study abroad on a short-term program and graduated from Persons The New School for Design in New York. Working in different madiums such as painting, performance and installation, she showed mainly in Brooklyn, New Work, for a while. She moved to Japan after a travel in Central and South America and currently lives and works in Kagawa.

Yutaka Kato
Born in Canada, Toronto, in 1974. Grown up in Osaka and currently living and working in Tokyo. Graduated from Nihon University, Art, Visual Communication major. He focuses on the city scape and creates drawing, painting, and sculpture. His recent exhibitions are group exhibition "windows and the stories" (2011, waitingroom, Tokyo), solo exhibition "NIGHT SHIFT" (2009, waitingroom, Tokyo), group exhibition "MICROPOP" (2007, Gallery AAA, Paris), solo exhibition "DRAW" (2006, NO.12 GALLERY, Tokyo).

Shoko Morita
Born in Toyama in 1977, living and working in Tokyo. Graduated from Aichi Seto Pottery School Ceramic major in 1999 and Setsu Mode Seminor in 2005. She had the first solo exhibition, "spoonful", in 2008 (Ginza Gallery Forrest, Tokyo) and had the second one in 2010, "Wearing the Misty Night", (waitingroom, Tokyo). In early 2011, she had the third solo exhibition, "through the fog", at the space in Okayama, Satellite, and also participated in a group show "Another Planet" (NOW IDeA, Tokyo). She also participated in several art fairs in Japan and New York, and had the forth solo exhibition, "Flower of Thunder" at waitingroom in fall 2011.

Kaai Tsuji
Born in Nagasaki in 1982, living and working in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo Kogei University, majoring in Design. Starting from 2009, she belongs to the Yotsuya Art Studium. Recent exhibitions include a group show "between pieces" (2010, GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo), group show "windows and the stories" (2011, waitingroom, Tokyo), solo show "walk barefoot" (GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo). She also makes zines, and has participated in "Zine's Mate" and "The TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR".

Ivette Zighelboim
Born in Venezuela in 1979, currently lives and works in New York. She completed her Master of Fine Arts at New York University in 2006. She had the first solo exhibition, Ivette Zighelboim, at Patrick Painter Inc. (Santa Monica, CA) in 2007 and the second one, Memory is for the Living, at Marianne Boesky Gallery (New York, NY) in 2010. She was also included in wide varieties of group exhibitions mainly in New York. It is her first time showing in Japan.


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