Kaai TSUJI Solo Exhibition, Voice from downstairs / Coldness of that floor
5/25 (Sat.) - 6/30 (Sun.), 2013
Opening Reception: 5/25 (Sat.) 6:00pm-9:00pm

*Open on Friday through Sunday 1-7pm and Monday 5-11pm
*The exhibition will open at 1pm before the opening salon on Saturday, 5/25.
The artists will attend the opening Reception at 6-9pm.

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installation view

Tokyo, Japan - waitingroom is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Kaai TSUJI “Voice from downstairs / Coldness of that floor” through May 25th, Sat. to June 30th, Sun. 2013. This is her first solo exhibition at our gallery. In this exhibition, she is showcasing all new painting and drawing works in the theme of “oddness” and “uncanny moment” hidden in our everyday life.

About the Artist
Kaai TSUJI is born in Nagasaki in 1982 and currently living and working in Tokyo. She graduated from Tokyo Kogei University , majoring in Design, in 2006 and belonged to an alternative art school called Yotsuya Art Studium (directed by Kenjiro OKAZAKI) through 2009 to 2012. She often depicts daydream-like scene from a story in her work. Recent exhibitions include a group exhibition “between pieces” (2010, GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo), group exhibition “windows and the stories” (2011, waitingroom, Tokyo), and a solo exhibition “Sit next to you through the field glasses” (2013, GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo).

Another story coming from a detail of a situation
“For instance...” the artist says. “When you are in the park watching the cherry blossoms, there are different groups around you. You see people watching the flower, hear lots of different voices from different people. Suddenly, you hear a big voice and it becomes louder. You glance at a woman next to you looking down with sad face and a guy who was next to her disappeared. Because of sudden change in the circumstance, you wonder if you misunderstand the previous situation because you didn’t see the details. The couple’s face might have been unhappy and confused.”

In an American TV drama, “Twin Peaks (1990-1991) *1”, a dead body of high-school girl was found in an ordinary and peaceful countryside where nothing was going on. However, the story captures the dark side of relationship between people and attempts to show its strangeness in an so-to-speak ordinary and peaceful town through the murder of this girl.

There is a situation found from another phenomenon. It is a moment when another story is coming from a detail of a situation and TSUJI says that she attempts to capture this moment in her work. Through the oddness and uncanny moment of our everyday life in her work, she questions the viewers if everything we see is really everything in each situation.

This is TSUJI’s first solo exhibition at our gallery and she presents all new works including 9 paintings and 5 drawings.

*1: “Twin Peaks” is an American TV drama broadcasted through 1990 to 1991 and also a movie released in 1992. Executive Producer is David Lynch and Mark Frost.

Works in Exhibition

Before going out, 2013 Piled up mails, 2013 Drunk Man, 2013

At the Balcony, 2013 Folded Person, 2013 Confirming, 2013

Next House, 2013 Falling off paper, 2013 Nuts, 2013

Red Box, 2013 Under the table, 2013

Bed, 2013 Visiting, 2013 Stripe Sofa, 2013

Artist Biography

1982 Born in Nagasaki
2006 Bachelors Degree, Tokyo Kogei University, Design Major
2009-2012 Yotsuya Art Studium

Solo Exhibitions

"Voice from downstairs / Coldness of that floor", waitingroom, Tokyo
"Sit next to you through the filed glasses", GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo



Group Exhibitions

"Night Songs", waitingroom, Tokyo
Art Fair, "New City Art Fair", hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK, NY, USA

Art Fair, "ULTRA004", SPIRAL, Tokyo
"in the waitingroom", waitingroom, Tokyo
"windows and the stories", waitingroom, Tokyo

Art Fair, “ULTRA003”, SPIRAL, Tokyo
"Yuta Suzuki, Kaai Tsuji, Amane Nakagawa, Rue Maeda", GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo


<Exhibition Overview>
Artist : Kaai TSUJI
Duration: 5/25 (Sat.) - 6/30 (Sun.), 2013
Opening Reception: 5/25 (Sat.) 6-9pm
Hours: Fri.-Sun. 1-7pm Mon. 5-11pm
Closed: Tue.-Thu.
Place: waitingroom
Address: Shibuya Hyacca Bldg. 3F 4B&4D, 2-8-11 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-0021
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