Yusuke SHIBATA Solo Exhibition, BGM
3/15, Sat. - 4/20, Sun, 2014
Opening Reception: 3/15, Sat. 6-9pm

*Open on Friday through Sunday 1-7pm and Monday 5-11pm
*The exhibition will open at 1pm before the opening reception on Saturday, 3/15.
The artists will attend the reception at 6-9pm.

installation view (photo by Yusuke Shibata)

Tokyo, Japan - waitingroom is pleased to announce the solo exhibition, "BGM" by Yusuke SHIBATA from 3/15 (Sat.) to 4/20(Sun.) SHIBATA is a contemporary artist who has been recently attracting attention for his performance "Cleaning Disco” at Roppongi Art Night in 2013 and his solo exhibition, "Planet" at Art Center Ongoing. It is his first time exhibiting at our gallery, and the theme of his work is: "The escape from the ‘Good Story’ –the world interpreted to our own advantages." He will be presenting his latest installations composed of videos and photographs that focus on the relationship between fiction and reality.

About the Artist
SHIBATA was born in 1980 in Fukuoka prefecture. After graduating from Musashino Art University Department of Oil Painting, he finished his graduate studies in the printmaking course. He has been actively presenting works inside and outside the country that center around the topic of ambiguity and uncertainty of the real world. His recent exhibitions include, “Dribble” (Centro Cultural Borges / Buenos Aires), “Planet” (Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo), and performance art, “Cleaning Disco” presented at “Roppongi Art Night 2013” in 2013. In 2012 he presented the solo exhibition, "Visual Planet," (FAB Gallery / Alberta, Canada) and a group exhibition "The Fine Art od Schmoozy," (Latitude53 / Alberta, Canada) and “The House that one must not enter.” (Koganecho bazar / Kanagawa)

The reality itself exists before our eyes as chaos that simultaneously carries truth and false.
SHIBATA’s works focus on the truthfulness and falsehood of people, objects, and events for he is interested in the fact that, “relationship between reality and fiction seems to be polarizing, but in actuality, the two are always two sides of the same coin.” He states that in the modern-day world, the boundary between truth and false is blurred, and the question of what is real and unreal cannot be established. For example, Hollywood directed the stage for the U.S. conference after the 9/11. SHIBATA also says that as one can see in the fact that same history can be told in various ways depending on the speaker, reality is restrained by people’s interpretations made to be most advantageous for them. Through his works, SHIBATA takes apart the tremble of truthfulness and falsehood that exists within reality, and the distance and gap between the distorted reality and the reality itself. By revealing that distortion, he creates a situation where “reality itself exists before our eyes as chaos that simultaneously carries truth and false.” What will we see in the depths of chaos in the real world through his works?

The Escape from the "Good Story" - the world interpreted to our own advantages.
One of the main themes of his works is the escape from the “good story” which represents the world interpreted in the way that is most advantageous to the speaker. He aims to create works that will be a breakthrough to deepen the understanding of the incomprehensible chaotic nature of reality as it is.

“In my works, I create a condition where a story is shared within the restricted area. This process of suddenly bringing a fictional story into reality is rather a coercive process, as if I’m hurling myself at reality. This story is different from the ‘good story’ that is unconsciously shared among us; it’s an isolated story that cannot be understood by all and carries the sense of uneasiness which enables us to objectively recognize the existence of the story. To escape the unconsciously shared notion of the “good story,” I’m trying to determine the range and the kind of relationship this story can establish by realizing the standpoint of it. At times, I approach reality as the way it is by capturing the climax of the encounter of the independent story with reality, which I strive to achieve by at times accelerating the story that is already within reality, shaking up the relationship between the coincidence and the inevitable of an actual event that took place, or writing out a conversation and trying to capture the moment when acting replaces truth. (Yusuke SHIBATA)”

Please come and discover SHIBATA’s installations of multiple medias, such as photographs, videos, and sculpture, that deeply cut into the real world.

Cooperation: Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya & Hongo, "ASIA ANARCHY ALLIANCE"
Satellite Project "AAA TOKYO ALLIANCE"

LOCALIZED SHOWER, 2013, Single channel video with sound / 7min 03 sec

Artist Biography

1980 Born in Fukuoka, Japan
2005 Graduated from Department of Painting, Musashino Art University, Japan
2007 Completed Master of Degree Course of printmaking in Fine Arts, MusashinoArt University, Japan
2011 Stayed in CANADA under fellowship of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists, The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Dribble, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Open Studio, La Ene, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Planet, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan

How To, g-FAL+FAL, Tokyo, Japan
Visible Planet, FAB Gallery, Albarta, Canada
Monotone Voice, Latitude 53, Albarta, Canada

Suppose Beat, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan

Chroma key, Suikato Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Unconscious Matsuri, petal fugal, Tokyo, Japan

PLANET (installation view), 2013
photos, decorative gypsum boards, fluorescent lights, light stands, woods, plywoods etc., dimension variable

Selected Group Exhibitions

Art Program Ome 2013, Ome, Tokyo, Japan
Ongoing FES -Art Fair Ongoing-, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan
Roppongi Art Night 2013, Sun Laundry, Tokyo, Japan

Awagami Printing Art Exhibition, Bumpodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
The Fine Art of Schmoozy, Latitude53, Alberta, Canada
Just Draw, Dc3 Art Projects, Alberta, Canada

Essential Ongoing, Shin Minatomura Gallery, Kanagawa, Japan

House Keep Out, Koganecho Bazaar, Kanagawa, Japan
3331 Secret Auction vol.3, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Arteba'10, AZUL AND VERDE PABILLIONS, Buenos Aires, Argentina
5th dimension, ex-French Embassy in Japan, Tokyo, Japan

One Day, Haru Gallery, Chejudo, Korea
Seoksu Art Project 2009, Seoksu Market, Anyang, Korea, AIR

TAP2008, Ino danchi, Ibaraki, Japan ?AIR
Ongoing Fes, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan
Shall we meet at a Metropolis, Art Center Ongoing,Tokyo, Japan

Cleaning Disco, 2013, Performance, Roppongi Art Night 2013/ 60min

Artist in Residences

La Ene, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fellowship of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists, The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan
Visiting Artist, Univiersity of Alberta, Albarta, Canada

Seoksu Art Project 2009, Anyang, Korea

TAP2008, Ibaraki, Japan

Prepare for yesterday (installation view), 2010
photos, frames, paper, cardboards, cottons, styrofoam, watercolor etc., dimension variable

Reviews, Publications

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Edmonton Journal "Monotone Voice", Janice Ryan (Review)

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Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
University of Alberta

Florida Street, 2013, Single channel video with sound / 4min 14 sec


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Artist : Yusuke SHIBATA
Duration: 3/15 (Sat.) - 4/20 (Sun.) 2014
Opening Reception: 3/15 (Sat.) 6-9pm
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