Rikako KAWAUCHI Solo Exhibition "Tiger Tiger, burning bright"
5/19 (Sat.) - 6/17 (Sun.), 2018
Opening Reception : 5/19 (Sat.) 6:00 - 8:00pm

*We are open on Wednesday to Saturday 12-7pm, and Sunday 12-6pm during the exhibition.
*Opening reception is from 6pm to 8pm on Saturday, May 19th, and the artist will be present.
*We are open from 12pm on the opening day before the reception.

installation view photo by : Shintaro Yamanaka (Qsyum!)

Tokyo, Japan - WAITINGROOM is pleased to announce Rikako KAWAUCHI Solo Exhibition, “Tiger Tiger, burning bright”, through May 19th to June 17th. Starting from KAWAUCHI’s own interest in the action of eating, she focuses on the subject of body, mind and ambiguous relationship between them. She depicts SELF and OTHERS as motifs in the scenes of eating food, having sex, and many other ways of communication where different elements intersect. Using a very strong and characteristic line, she’s been expanding her ways of impression from painting and drawing to wire sculpture and neon sculpture. This is KAWAUCHI’s second solo exhibition at the gallery in two years, and the exhibition will showcase 25-30 new works including paintings, drawings, wire sculptures, and resin sculpture as her new material.

About the artist
Born in 1990 in Tokyo, currently lives and works in Tokyo. Graduated from Tama Art University with the Master’s degree in 2017. Her recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition “Something held and brushed” (2017, Tokyo Myoan Gallery, Tokyo), group exhibition “Museum of Together“ (2017, SPIRAL, Tokyo), solo exhibition “NEWoMan Art wall Vol.7: Rikako KAWAUCHI” (2017, NEWoMan ART wall, JR Shinjuku Station, Tokyo), Solo exhibition “ART TAIPEI 2016 - WAITINGROOM solo booth” (2016, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan). She also received the Kenjiro HOSAKA Award at the “1st CAF Award” exhibition (2014, Tabloid Gallery, Tokyo) and Shiseido Art Egg Award at the “SHISEIDO ART EGG Vol.9: Go down the throat” (2015, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo).


Rikako KAWAUCHI artist page

1990 Born in Tokyo, Japan
Currently lives and works in Tokyo.


2017 Tama Art University, Master’s degree, Oil Painting
2015 Tama Art University, Bachelor’s degree, Oil Painting


Tiger Tiger, burning bright - WAITINGROOM, Tokyo *coming soon!

Someone held and brushed - TOKYOMYOAN GALLERY, Tokyo
NEWoMan ART wall Vol.7: Rikako KAWAUCHI, NEWoMan ART wall, JR Shinjuku Station, Tokyo

ART TAIPEI 2016 - WAITINGROOM solo booth, Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan
Back is confidential space. Behind=Elevator, WAITINGROOM, Tokyo

Collector and Artist : Rikako KAWAUCHI, T-Art Gallery, Tokyo
SHISEIDO ART EGG Vol.9: Go down the throat, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo

Left : Collector and Artist : Rikako KAWAUCHI, 2015, T-Art Gallery (Tokyo) Photo by Ujin Matsuo
Right : SHISEIDO ART EGG Vol.9 Go down the throat, 2015, Shiseido Gallery (Tokyo) Photo by Ken Kato


Art fair "spiral take art collection 2017 SHU SHU SHU SHO", SPIRAL, Tokyo
Museum of Together, SPIRAL, Tokyo
The 40th 5 Art Universities Exhibition, The National Art Center Tokyo, Tokyo

Stereotypical, GALLERY PARC, Kyoto

Dead Henge / Aesthetic, HIGURE 17-15 cas, Tokyo

The 1st CAF Award - Winning Award Exhibition, TABLOID GALLERY, Tokyo
That I shall say goodnight till it be morrow, Shinjuku Ganka Gallery, Tokyo

Exhibition, TKP Theater Kashiwa, Art Line Kashiwa 2013, Chiba
Home Made Family, CASHI Refregilater, Tokyo
Sleep No More, Tama Art University Art Festival, Tokyo

OTHER PAINTING XI, Pepper’s Gallery, Tokyo
Exhibition, Sogo Kashiwa, Art Line Kashiwa 2012, Chiba
Donuts k, Geisai, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo

Left : Museum of Together, 2017, SPIRAL (Tokyo) Photo by Keizo Kioku
Right : NEWoMan ART wall Vol.7 : Rikako KAWAUCHI, 2017, NEWoMan ART wall (Tokyo) Photo by Ujin Matsuo


2015 Shiseido Art Egg
2014 The 1st CAF Award, Kenjiro Hosaka Award


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The 9th shiseido art egg exhibition catalogue, May 29th 2015, Shiseido Inc.


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<Exhibition Overview>
Title: Tiger Tiger, burning bright
Artists : Rikako KAWAUCHI
Duration: 5/19 (Sat.) - 6/17 (Sun.), 2018

Opening Reception: 5/19 (Sat.) 6-8pm
Gallery Hours: Wed.- Sat. 12-7pm, Sun. 12-6pm
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