Dates : 11/8 (Fri.) - 11/11 (Mon.), 2013
Time : 11am - 7pm (11/11 till 6pm)
VIP Preview : 11/7 (Thu.) 3pm - 6:30pm *invitation only
Vernissage : 11/7 (Thu.) 6:30pm - 9pm
Venue : Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 1
Address : No.5, Sec 5, Xinyi Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
Entrance Fee : NT$ 300
Our Gallery Booth # : E-03
Artist : Yuko MOHRI (Solo Exhibition)

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Yuko MOHRI, "I/O", 2011-2013
Roll paper, Bamboo charcoal, Bell-lyras, Dusters, Blind, LED Lights, Toy, Spoon, Toilet tissue, Aquarium, etc.
Dimension variable
(Venue : Sendai Mediatheque)

Yuko MOHRI, Circles, 2012
Umbrella, Dusters, Compass, Old toy, Lampshade, Lamp bulbs etc.
Dimension variable
(Venue : waitingroom / Photo by Hideto Maezawa)

waitingroom is pleased to announce its participation in ART TAIPEI 2013 with a solo exhibition of Yuko MOHRI. The exhibition includes MOHRI’s one of the most representative works, “I/O”, a large scale installation, and parts of another installation work, “Circles”, as well as several new works and drawing works. This is MOHRI’s fair debut and it is her first time showing in an international art fair. Additionally, it is the 20th year Anniversary of ART TAIPEI with wide varieties of exciting programs.

About the Artist
Yuko MOHRI is born in Kanagawa in 1980, currently living and working in Tokyo. She graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Information Design in 2004 and from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Inter-Media Art in 2006. Recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition “OROCHI” (2013, waitingroom, Tokyo), group exhibition “The Things We Have Overlooked” (2013, Sendai Mediatheque, Miyagi), group exhibition “Anonymous Life” (2012, NTT InterCommunicationCenter [ICC], Tokyo), solo exhibition “Circus” (2012, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo), group exhibition “x_sound”(2012, Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, Korea) and many others. She has been expressing ideas of new relationship between “artifact” and “nature” through her art-making. Using old tools, useless machines, instruments, and antique objects in corporate with light, sound and electromagnetic wave, she creates her own circuit and makes mixed media installation works.

My concept for my art-making is to search a new relationship between “artifact” and “nature”.
“Artifact” and “nature” is not only the opposite schema. For instance, a computer malfunction is whether the artificial or nature matter? To search an answer to those questions, I started my art making. Sudden errors and accidental matters that happen in many different situations show obscure phenomenon in-between artificial/ natural and let us te-think about the relation between them. - Yuko MOHRI, 2013.

Yuko MOHRI, "fort-da", 2012
Accordion, Seesaw, Rope, Lights, Hose pipe, Blower, Metallic material, Electric fun, Wire, Fabric, Motor, etc.
Dimension variable
(Venue : NTT InterCommunicationCenter [ICC] / photo by Keizo Kioku)

Yuko MOHRI, "Circus", 2012
Umbrella, Dusters, Compass, Old toy, Lampshade, Roll paper, Electric fan, Blind, Bells, Driftwood, Prism etc.
Dimension variable
(Venue : Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Bloomberg Pavilion / photo by Kenshu Shintsubo)



1980 Born in Kanagawa
2004 B.F.A Tama Art University, Department of Information Design

2006 M.F.A. Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Inter- Media Art


OROCHI, waitingroom, Tokyo

Circus, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
Circuits, adanda Gallery, Osaka
Circles, waitingroom, Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions, Tokyo
Circles, Agencia de Apoyo a la Arquitectura, Barcelona, Spain

Holiday Bikini, Uplink Gallery, Tokyo
One Day Dallas, Roji to Hito Gallery, Tokyo
Everyday Laos, 20202 Gallery, Tokyo


The Things We Have Overlooked, Sendai Mediatheque, Miyagi

Anonymous Life, NTT Inter Communication Center [ICC], Tokyo
Art & Music, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
Shibukarusai (Shibuya Cultural Festival), Parco Museum, Tokyo
x_sound, Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, Korea

Alternating Currents, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth, Australia
Tokyo Art- Power Plant, Tokyo University of the Arts Gypsum Gallery, Tokyo
Shibukarusai (Shibuya Cultural Festival), Parco Museum, Tokyo
Azumabashi Dance Xing 2011, Asahi Art Square, Tokyo
John Cage Variations VII, Asahi Art Square, Tokyo

Otomo Yoshihide Ensembles 2010: Resonance, Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki
Occult Technics, Akiba Tamabi 21 Gallery, Tokyo

Rests-ful Musical Devices: Afterglow Gig, Ambassade de France au Japon, Tokyo
Otomo Yoshihide Ensembles 09 Rest-ful Musical Devices, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
Coded Cultures, MuseumsQuartier Wien, Wien, Austria


Award "Prix Ars Electronica" Honorary mention, Ars Electronica 06 (Austria), vexations, sound installation
Award "Transmediale award" Second Prize, Transmediale06 (Germany), vexations, sound installation


2011.11. Hangar Barcelona ,Barcelona, Spain
2008.2. s/lab Sunderland University, Sunderland, United Kingdom
2007.6. s/lab Sunderland University, Sunderland, United Kingdom


Symposium "Relation with Maker Movement and Art", discussion with Kazuhiro Jo, Shigeru Matsui, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), Tokyo
Artist Talk with Tomoko Yabumae, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
Artist Talk with Azusa Hashimoto, adanda, Osaka
"TWS Exchange Residency Program", panel discussion with Midori Mitamura, Hiraku Suzuki, Hironori Murai, Nobuhiko Terasawa, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo

Presentation, Hangar, Barcelona, Spain
Symposium "What is "NEO TOKYO"", discussion with Chiaki Shinoda (Fai Fai) etc. 2.5D, Tokyo

Panel discussion with Norimichi Hirakawa, Keisuke Inoue, Takahiro Tsushima, Tama Art University, Tokyo
Lecture with Kazuhiro Jo, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
Lecture at Tokyo Keizai University (Tetsuo Kogawa), Kanazawa College of Arts (Hidetaka Ito), Chukyo University (Carl Stone) etc.


Art & Music: Search for New Synesthesia, Film Art (Tokyo), 2012
Girls Are Alright!: Tokyo Culture Now, Parco Publishing (Tokyo), 2012
x_sound: John Cage, Nam June Paik and After, Nam June Paik Art Center (Yongin, Korea), 2012
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Essay, "What's Gogh ?", SITE ZERO/ZERO SITE, No.2, 2008, Media Design Laboratory


Yuko MOHRI, "OROCHI", 2013
Cables, Duster, Extension cord, Lights, Motor, Enamel wire, etc.
Dimension variable
(Venue : waitingroom / photo by Hideto Maezawa)


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