3/8 (Fri.) - 3/10 (Sun.), 2019
WAITINGROOM is pleased to announce that we will be participating in Art Fair Tokyo 2019, which will be held from Friday, March 8 to Sunday, March 10.
The exhibiting artists are exonemo, Saya OKUBO and Rikako KAWAUCHI.
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Art Fair Tokyo 2019
Dates : 3/8 (Fri.) – 3/10 (Sun.), 2019
Venue : Tokyo International Forum B2F Exhibition Hall E and Lobby Gallery (5-1 Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-0005 Japan)
Entrance Fee : 1-Day Passport : Advance 4,000JPY / Same-day 5,000JPY
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Public Open :
March 8 Fri. 11:00-20:00
March 9 Sat. 11:00-20:00
March 10 Sun. 11:00-17:00

Press View : March 7 Thu. 13:00-14:00
Private View: March 7 Thu. 14:00-16:00
Vernissage : March 7 The. 16:00-20:00

Booth # : G13
Artists : exonemo, Saya OKUBO, Rikako KAWAUCHI


Left : Live Streams, 2018, LCD monitor, camera, single board computer (Android), dimension variable
Right : Click and Hold, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 1473×910 mm

The Japanese artist unit “exonemo” (by SEMBO Kensuke and AKAIWA Yae) was formed in 1996 on the Internet. Their experimental projects are typically humorous and innovative explorations of the paradoxes of digital and analog computer networked and actual environments in our lives. Their The Road Movie won the Golden Nica for Net Vision category at Prix Ars Electronica 2006. They have been organizing the IDPW gatherings and “Internet Yami-Ichi” since 2012. They live and work in New York since 2015. Recent exhibitions include a group exhibition “Reincarnation of Media Art” (YCAM, Yamaguchi, 2018), a group exhibition “Hello World: for the Post-Human Age” (Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki, 2018), a solo exhibition “The Life-Cycle of Interfaces” (New Media Artspace gallery, Baruch Collage Library, New York, USA, 2018), a group exhibition “Spirit and Digit” (Electro Museum, Moscow, Russia, 2016), a solo exhibition “TO THE APES” (Mitsubishi-Jisho Artium, Fukuoka, 2013) and many more in and outside of Japan. During the Art Fair Tokyo, their works are also shown at their solo exhibiton “LO” (WAITINGROOM, Feb.23rd-Mar.24th), group exhibition “Open Space – In Transition” (NTT Intercommunication Center, till Mar.10th) and a group exhibition “Illuminating Graphics 2” (Creatin Gallery G8, Feb.22nd-Mar.28th).

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Left : nothing(man), 2018, oil and acrylic on canvas panel, 652×803 mm
Right : She’s sitting, 2018, oil and acrylic on canvas panel, 910×727 mm

Born in 1992 in Fukuoka, currently lives and works in Kyoto. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design with the Master’s degree in 2017. Her recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition “a doubtful reply” (2018, WAITINGROOM, Tokyo), a group exhibition “Art Students Exhibition 2017” (2017, SEZON ART GALLERY, Tokyo), group exhibition “movement 2016 – 1st movement -“ (2016, ARTZONE, Kyoto), group exhibition “HERE I AM KUAD×TUNA Exchange Exhibition” (2015, Na paid Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan), group exhibition “HOP2015” (2015, Galerie Aube, Kyoto). Even if she is a very young and flesh talent who hasn’t had many exhibitions yet, her work has been brought to attention when she received the Masami Shiraishi Award at the “4th CAF Award” exhibition (2017, Daikanyama Hillside Forum, Tokyo) in fall 2017.

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Left : Can’t hide how old you are, 2018, oil on canvas, 410 x 318 mm
Right : The chest, 2017, neon light, transformer, iron frame, 350 x 1040 x 210 mm

Born in 1990 in Tokyo, currently lives and works in Tokyo. Graduated from Tama Art University with the Master’s degree in 2017. Her recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition “human wears human/bloom wears bloom” (Kamakura Gallery, Kanagawa, 2018), a solo exhibition “Tiger Tiger, burning bright” (WAITINGROOM, Tokyo, 2018), a solo exhibition “Something held and brushed” (2017, Tokyo Myoan Gallery, Tokyo), group exhibition “Museum of Together“ (2017, SPIRAL, Tokyo), solo exhibition “NEWoMan Art wall Vol.7: Rikako KAWAUCHI” (2017, NEWoMan ART wall, JR Shinjuku Station, Tokyo), Solo exhibition “ART TAIPEI 2016 – WAITINGROOM solo booth” (2016, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan). She also received the Kenjiro HOSAKA Award at the “1st CAF Award” exhibition (2014, Tabloid Gallery, Tokyo) and Shiseido Art Egg Award at the “SHISEIDO ART EGG Vol.9: Go down the throat” (2015, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo).

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