Akinori SHIMODAIRA "Blues and Juice"

4/9 (Sat.)-5/14 (Sat.), 2011
Opening Salon: 4/9 (Sat.) 6-9pm

*Open on Fridays and Saturdays 1-7pm and Mondays 5-11pm
*The artist will attend an opening salon on Saturday, 4/9, 6-9pm. Please come join us!
Installation View
Press release

Tokyo, Japan – waitingroom is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Akinori Shimodaira “Blues and Juice”, through April 9th to May 14th, 2011. This is Shimodaira’s first solo exhibition in two years and it will consist of his brand new paintings and drawings.

“Invisible World” depicted by Shimodaira

In his work, humorous and spooky characters live together and they seem to appear in the daydream, somewhere between real world and dream. The landscape in his painting has both aspect of representation and abstraction and within the strong brush strokes and vivid colors, there is this atmosphere of the “world of unknown”. It looks fantastical, yet, also has a sense of vividness that can break something down. This is a similar feeling of the Grimm Fairy Tales that is sweet and disturbing at the same time.

Shimodaira says, “Invisible World often appears in the folk tale and fairy tale. I think people have been interested in this Invisible World from ancient time. I would like to make it visible through my painting so that we can feel something from it”. His work is an entrance for this “Invisible World” and audiences will experience unusual sensitivity, perceiving the world a little different. It is a long time and universal theme of ART to create something to perceive the world different and feel unusual sensitivity. Some people might call it “Six Sense”.

Landscape constructed by the layers of colors

Shimodaira’s “world of unknown” is created by his vivid colors and the layers of colors. Audiences are offered to imagine their own world by experiencing these colors and feel different dimension through the layers in his painting. Shimodaira says, “these layers of colors compose several rhythms to move around the visual line so that there are several different timelines creating different world in it”.