Group Exhibition doubles2 "In between gaze" Curators x Artists : Haruka IHARADA x Takamaru TETSUKA / Yuji OHSHITA x Koji YUKI

9/10 (Sat.) - 10/9 (Sun.), 2016
Opening Reception : 9/10 (Sat.) 6-9pm

*WAITINGROOM is open on Monday 5-11pm, Thursday to Saturday 12-7pm, and Sunday 12-6pm during the exhibition.
*Opening reception is from 6pm to 9pm on the first day of the exhibition, Saturday, September 10th, while the exhibition starts from 12pm.
Installation View
Takamaru TETSUKA "Thinking about the Mountain - cutting woods and putting them together -"
cedar, japanese cypress, dimension variable
Koji YUKI "In between gaze for Okhotsk"
ink on cloth, 1200 x 1880 mm
Takamaru TETSUKA "Thinking about the Mountain - moving stones and loading them together -"
single channel video with sound, 10min.
Koji YUKI "Driftwood Kamuy"
ink on paper, 305 x 1000 mm
Press release

Tokyo, Japan – WAITINGROOM is pleased to announce the second edition of the series, doubles, the series to introduce emerging curators, from September 10th to October 9th, 2016. The exhibition “doubles2 In between gaze” highlights Tokyo-based curator Haruka IHARADA and her artist-of-choice Takamaru TETSUKA (b.1990) and Yokohama-based curator Yuji OSHITA and his artist-of-choice Koji YUKI (b.1964). The exhibition is where the dialogue among the curators and artists take place, rather than a simple duo-show or a group show. WAITINGROOM’s “doubles” series continue to introduce up-and-coming young curators via co-curated exhibition at our gallery annually.

Left: Takamaru TETSUKA “土を掘って土地を見て場になる” 2016, Private war and Landscapes (Maruki Gallery)
Right: Takamaru TETSUKA “しらこがえり” 2013 summer, Yakushima

Left: “七五郎沢の狐” 2014, 13min., (c)tane project / Koji YUKI
Right: Koji YUKI “熊色の夜に想うこと” 2012, paper and ink

Takamaru TETSUKA