Taishi KAMIYA, "Moire in Relation"

11/30 (Sat.), 2013 - 1/12 (Sun.), 2014
Opening Reception: 11/30 (Sat.) 6:00pm-9:00pm
Winter Holidays: 12/22/2013-1/3/2014

*Open on Friday through Sunday 1-7pm and Monday 5-11pm
*The exhibition will open at 1pm before the opening reception on Saturday, 11/30.
The artists will attend the reception at 6-9pm.
Installation View
Moire in Relatio
image picture
photo by Yatoo Takashi
canvas, clock, magnet, 27.3 x 22 cm
Press release

Tokyo, Japan- waitingroom is pleased to announce the solo exhibition, “Moire in Relation” by Taishi KAMIYA. We will be featuring his latest installations in which he attempts to urge the discovery of unintentional beauty and various interpretations of sound in the adjunct characteristic of sound and spatial environment of the gallery.

About the Artist

Taishi KAMIYA was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido prefecture in 1980. After graduating from School of Engineering of Hokkaido University, he finished his art studies at Contemporary Art Institute, also known as CAI, in 2004. Later, he also completed his graduate studies from the School of Engineering of Hokkaido University in 2006. His recent exhibitions include, “emergent vibration” (gift_lab, Tokyo) in 2011, and “Experimental Sound, Art & Performance Festival” (TWS Hongo, Tokyo) in 2010. KAMIYA also actively participates in music live performances such as “open acoustics” and “Fukugonji Fes,” where he collaborates with other musicians as an artist. He also works as a musician and holds concerts playing the soprano saxophone, instruments he invented, and the computer. At the same time, he works as an visual artist, creating delicate installations which seem to be closely listening to the signs of something unintentional, while maintaining the adjunct nature of sound.

There will always be sound where there is movement and there is no movement without a sound.

KAMIYA says, “Sound is connected to movement.” Sound is a wave that is produced when something vibrates. At times, movement will make people anticipate sound, and where there is movement there will be sound. KAMIYA’s works elevate this relationship between movement and sound to a degree where the artwork is freed from viewers’ expectations and the artist’s intentions and controls. Unlike his previous works that centered around sound, at this exhibit, he will be presenting works focusing on “movement” which developed from the question, “Where does sound come from?” Various movements are produced by a system constructed from simple and familiar materials like clocks and magnets.

The term “moire” in the title of this exhibition, “Moire in Relation,” represents the outcome of the distortion and interference of the relationship of multiple objects and matters. Moire generally appears when visual interference fringes, or more than two sound or light, move in a slightly different cycle. KAMIYA’s works interpret this phenomenon at the meta-level and create moire in the dynamics of space. Please visit our gallery to discover his outlook on the world displayed in his works.