Group Exhibition "windows and the stories"

1/15 (Sat.) - 2/19 (Sat.), 2011
Opening Salon : 1/15 (Sat.) 6-9pm

*Open on Fridays and Saturdays 1-7pm and Mondays 5-11pm
*Three Japanese artists will attend an opening salon on Saturday, 1/15 6-9pm. Please come join us!
Installation View
Press release

Waitingroom is pleased to announce a group exhibition “windows and the stories”, featuring three Japanese artists and two foreign artists, through January 15th to February 19th, 2011. In this exhibition, there will be five artists including Yutaka Kato, Hisami Tanaka, Kaai Tsuji from Japan, and Darina Karpov and Michael Schall from New York. Karpov and Schall are the represented artists at a well-known Brooklyn gallery, Pierogi, and they also have been showing around the world. It will be their first time to exhibit their works in Japan.

The exhibition will showcase artist’s individual eye to the world=window and each story creating from it in their artwork. There will be five different stories and perspectives of the world offered by five exhibiting artists in this group show.

About the Artists

Darina Karpov
Born in Russia in 1973, currently living and working in New York.
Karpov studied art in Russia and then obtained MFA degree at Yale University in US. Currently, she is based in New York and showing at Pierogi, a gallery in Brooklyn. The characteristic of her work is a motif that seems to be a mixture of natural object and artifact and it is expressed to be mutating continuously. The image can be dark and violent, in the meantime, has a graceful color and spectacular forms to create a hybrid moment in a sense of vision. It is her first time to show her work in Japan.

Michael Schall
Born in New Jersey in 1977, currently living and working in New York.
Schall obtained MFA degree at Pratt University and has been showing in US and abroad. His pencil drawing depicts an imaginary landscape, however, it seems like a real world because of the extreme precision. In this exhibition, there will be only small works but can see mysterious stories of the nature condensed into a small surface. Same as Karpov, it is Schall’s first time exhibition in Japan.

Yutaka Kato
Born in Toronto, Canada in 1974, currently living and working in Tokyo.
Kato graduated from Nihon University, majoring in Art, and has been making his work in the theme of the city, Tokyo. He has been drawing and painting many different scenes of a big city Tokyo, in day and night time, expressing his love and hate of this city. Since last year, he started creating these cityscapes in his sculpture work. In this exhibition, he will represent several new pieces of this sculpture series which has been presenting and receiving good feedbacks at an artfair, ULTRA003, and a big exhibition event, No Man’s Land, in 2010.

Hisami Tanaka
Born in Ibaraki in 1976, currently living and working in Kanagawa.
Tanaka graduated from Tama Art University, majoring in graphic design. He started his music activities while he was in school and had worked mainly on music. Recently, he started focusing on his career in painting and has exhibited at a Tokyo Wonder Wall 2010 at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. His theme is to make everything equivalent and depict anything flattened in the style of both representation and abstraction. He uses primary colors and straight lines, creating a flat and rhythmical surface showing geometric and colorful objects in it. In this exhibition, he will show a brand new big piece.

Kaai Tsuji
Born in Nagasaki in 1982, currently living and working in Tokyo.

Michael SCHALL
Yutaka KATO