Group Exhibition "windows and the stories"

3/16 (Sat.) - 4/21 (Sun.), 2013
Opening Reception: 3/16 (Sat.) 6:00pm-9:00pm

Artist : Shuko TERADA, Yohei CHIMURA, Yutaka NOZAWA

*Open on Friday through Sunday 1-7pm and Monday 5-11pm
*The exhibition will open at 1pm before the opening salon on Saturday, 3/16. The artists will attend the opening at 6-9pm.
Installation View
Shuko Terada "Empty waterhole"
Digital Prints, Plastic, Glass, and Mixed Media, Size Variable
Shuko Terada "Bubble of Spring Sky II"
Mirror, Glass, Shell, 100 × 37 mm
Yohei Chimura "From Days"
Glass, Size Variable
Yutaka Nozawa "landscape drawing - different winds"
Watercolor and ink on paper, 297 × 420 mm
Yutaka Nozawa "landscape drawing - Two mountains"
Watercolor and ink on paper, 297 × 210 mm
Press release

waitingroom is pleased to announce a group exhibition, “windows and the stories vol.2 “, by Shuko Terada, Yohei Chimura, and Yutaka Nozawa., through 16th March to 21st April 2013. It is a series of a group exhibition that introduces artists who have not been shown at our gallery. Shuko Terada creates sculptures and installations which are made from daily supplies, Yohei Chimura showcases glass sculptures from the technique of craft fields, and Yutaka Nozawa who has been showing videos and photographs, represents only drawing works for the first time.

windows=eyes of the artists who watch the world from their unique view, and stories that are drown from the windows. Please enjoy the harmony of the combinations of three different artists; each of whom have different styles of the works, and the views of the worlds.


Shuko Terada was born in 1973 Osaka, Japan.
She has started her carrier with chalcography, but was also always interested in installation works which express the world beyond the two dimensional works. After few years she has developed her own style of work, the installations or the sculptures made by ready-made supplies combining with materials that she is particularly interested in, such as a glass plate, certain kinds of acryl panels and so on. In this exhibition, she shows seven brand new works.


Yohei Chimura was born in Chiba, Japan in 1984.
Chimura works with heat, using basic craft techniques. He forms metal and glass into shapes. In this series “From Days”, he selects moments from morning to night such as waking up, drinking water, thinking of someone at a distance and time alone. He captures the image of each moment in a shape. Everyday life seems to go on as scheduled and unchangeable, but in reality life is changing everyday and every moment. Chimura is saying that our usual days are precious and unpredictable and that we find happiness in small but precious quantities on these usual days. These shapes are from his usual days.


Yutaka Nozawa was born in Shizuoka, Japan, in 1983
Yutaka Nozawa works across various media: movies, videos, pictures and installation works. He also works on drawings on daily bases. The daily drawings are now enormous amount: Sketches that he draw for the other works of his, drawings that he keeps as a day memory, a hint that hopped into his head and caught by sudden urge. These drawings shows his inner thoughts and feelings deeply. In this exhibition we present 15 to 20 of those drawings that he has not been exhibit often until today.