Naho Kawabe Online Work "Camera Isolata"
川辺 ナホ

The Online artwork “Camera Isolata” is realized through a special grant for artists under the Sars-Cov-19 pandemic from the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. The motto of this grant is „Art knows no shutdown“ and it supports projects that take an artist’s approach to a world that is under lockdown 2020.

The Latin derived term “Camera Isolata“ characterizes a closed and isolated room – concretely and symbolically – an isolated space situation. Camera Isolata is the space in which we isolate ourselves during the pandemic. At the same time the modern use of the word Camera refers to an electronic optical device, the camera, often built into a computer or smartphone that produces a cut out of people’s upper half, taken from real space and cast into virtual space. This way Camera Isolata becomes an online space, forming its geographic centre somewhere under the ocean in submarine cables.

I invited six artists from far-flung places to participate in this project: Jane Brucker (visual artist, USA) , Miss Hawaii (musician, Japan), Henrik Malmström (photographer, Argentina), Setbyol Oh (light designer, Germany), Ziyun Wang (painter, China), Yohei Yama (painter, Vietnam)

On the website you will find three videos of two unexpected encounters each, because the artists connected did not know each other personally before and did not know about their respective artistic focuses until they met through an online communication tool, only briefly informed about the rules of the game. Another video presents the three meetings simultaneously. The website is accompanied by six short texts about the everyday life of the artists during the Sars-Cov-19 pandemic. (Texts by Naho Kawabe)

Please view the work by going to the link below