“Nowhere in Blue” Artist Talk

Recorded and streamed on WAITINGROOM's Youtube channel after October 30.

Saori Miyake “Nowhere in Blue” Artist Talk
Guests : Saori Miyake (Exhibiting Artist), Ryosuke Kondo (Art Critic, Curator)
Moderator : Tomoko Ashikawa (Director, WAITINGROOM)
Click here to watch the video→https://youtu.be/TPIw7taMIjE
Saori Miyake, the exhibiting artist of this exhibition, and guest Ryosuke Kondo, art critic and curator, will give a talk about their past activities and the theme and works of this exhibition by Saori Miyake.
Mr. Kondo specializes in art aesthetics and landscape history, and his wide-ranging critical work is based on research into Japanese, English, and American painting and landscape architecture theory. He has also curated exhibitions such as “Urban Sansui” (kudan house, 2023) and “Individual Sansui” (Komagome SOKO, 2020), focusing on indigenous East Asian perspectives on nature.
Miyake, who has been attempting to extract a “pictorial image,” presents a series of works in this exhibition that reflect her contemplation of “landscape (landscape/landscape painting),” which she discovered through walking in forests and gardens.
It would be a great opportunities to hear their respective theories of landscape and painting.
A video of the recorded talk will be available on WAITINGROOM’s YouTube channel.
*Talks will be in Japanese only.